Go dry for January for a happy and healthy new year

by Nitesh Kumar

Launched In 2013,  in the UK, Dry January is a public health campaign, which urges people to abstain from alcohol for the first month of the year. Originally a small event with just 4,000 people on board, six short years later it’s transformed into a vast movement. In 2020, there were 100,000 sign-ups and 4 million participants. So why get involved? 

Rejuvenate in January 

Although people do Dry January for many different reasons, the benefits of putting down the bottle are the same for everyone. Firstly, the brain gets some much-needed chill-out time. Even moderate amounts of alcohol degrade sleep quality, which isn't good for our mood or energy levels. So skipping a month of drinking works wonders

Confidence levels get a boost during Dry January too, as waistlines tend to shrink, while skin develops a healthy glow. Also, as the immune system no longer has to deal with toxins, it’s able to put more energy into keeping us fighting fit. 

Try going dry by signing up today

Getting involved with Dry January is easy. Simply click here, leave a few details and let the adventure begin. You'll receive helpful tips and stories from other participants,  news about other campaigns, and a handy Dry January guide

Also, you can download Try Dry, the official free Dry January app which tracks your time away from alcohol. It also features a health quiz, and 'My Charts,' to show  how much money users spend on alcohol, and how many units they normally consume. 

If you’re missing the taste of your favourite beers, wine or spirits, you’ll be happy to hear the Zero Percent shop has a great selection of each.



Does Dry January give lasting benefits?

While giving up for a month might seem like a gimmick, the short term health improvements are boosted by long term benefits.  After all, taking care of our health for one month of the year is pointless if we neglect it the rest. Thankfully, research shows that a whopping 72% of Dry January participants report drinking less six months later. 

During their month-long abstinence, many find themselves reflecting on their drinking patterns and assessing their relationship with alcohol. So it's little wonder 81% of participants report feeling more in control of their alcohol consumption by the end of January.

Why the world is going sober 

Today, almost 30% of Americans don't drink alcohol. But they don't have problems ordering fun drinks, as the non-alcoholic drinks market is booming. In fact, it's believed to be worth over $70 million by 2024.

Gone are the days when the choices of non-alcoholic drinks consisted of fruit juice or coffee. Today, consumers are spoilt for choice with a huge selection of 0% wine, beer, spirits, cocktails and mixers. What's more, finding the best beverage is easy with the Zero Percent Shop. It's full to the brim with expertly made alcohol free drinks from around the world, and a great place to find fun mocktail recipes and information about going alcohol free. With great new tastes to experience, Dry January won't just be a success, it’ll be a whole lot of fun, too.

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