5 ways 0% alcohol drinks benefit your mind and body

by Nitesh Kumar

Globally speaking, alcohol isn't as trendy as it used to be. In the UK, for example, one in five adults report not drinking alcohol at all. Happily, they’ve chosen a good time to stop drinking, because these days there are more 0% alcohol drinks than ever. What’s more, they’re as tasty as they are versatile. But it’s not just the taste that’s great. 0% alcohol drinks benefit your mind and body in a host of other ways too.


Every drink in our 0% Alcohol selection is a delicate balance of flavours, aromas and textures designed to complement food for a rich and meaningful dining experience. Take the LEITZ Sparkling Riesling Can, for example. It offers wine-like aromas and intense, vibrant tastes of orange citrus which pair perfectly with light summer dishes. And when seafood is on the menu, LEITZ Eins Zwei Zero Riesling enhances the culinary adventure with fresh notes of rhubarb.


What goes well with excellent food and drink? Excellent company, of course. We humans are supposed to break bread and savour flavours with friends, which is why dining in a group makes us feel happy and fulfilled. It's good for our physical health too, as we're more likely to make healthier food choices when eating with people. Happily, thanks to 0% Alcohol drinks, you can still enjoy these social occasions without going overboard. So at your next social gathering, say cheers to good times with a spicy GinISH spirit, or bond over earthy, bittersweet UNDONE No. 3 Italian bitter liqueur.


When a day of stimulating conversation and fun comes to an end, it does our mind and body good to relax into deep, rejuvenating sleep. Unlike alcoholic drinks, which interrupt restorative sleep, 0% Alcohol drinks make drifting off easy. For a relaxing evening cocktail, try RumISH made from natural botanicals like Madagascar vanilla, baked apple, and chilli. It makes a luxurious and warm night time treat.


Water is nature's elixir of life. It regulates temperature, delivers oxygen throughout the body, and keeps our organs working in perfect rhythm. With this in mind, it makes sense to avoid flushing it out with dehydrating diuretics like alcohol, which inhibits kidney function and makes us feel groggy. So, be your most vibrant self at summer parties with the hydrating, spicy tone of 0% Nordic Ginger Ale. Made with pure Finnish cloudberry, its slightly sour taste brings excitement and volume to every gathering.


Great friends, deep sleep and adequate hydration will put a twinkle in your eye and a glow on your face. It won't take long for the world to notice your healthy new lifestyle, as quitting alcohol for just one month can lead to a 5% decrease of liver fat, resulting in radiant skin and higher levels of energy. And for a further boost, try the 0% Alcohol ready-to-drink sparkling aperitif packed with natural gentian root, orange, lemon, citrus and chilli. It's guaranteed to put a spring in your step!

With a huge array of benefits and flavours on offer, our 0% Alcohol range makes healthy living taste better than ever before. So, check it out today, and make a toast to great friends, delectable food and a new life of vigour and vitality.

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